This comic may have materials that may be mildly offensive to some readers. Yiff is not one of them.
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Newsflash ~ Where is the raptor flying, mama? Where his heart is, sunbeam.

2005-01-28: Okay, so I didn't redesign much of anything. I like the current layout, I decided, so it's staying. I'm just fixing a few things that were off (such as my email address). The link page and the dailytemplate will be fixed soon. AND a new cast page. I just have to get there. For now, enjoy an unCursed story.

Today's Comic ~ What are you doing, Da? He's drawing shadows, dear. Why, Da, why?

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Disclaimers ~ "I bet you my gold pendant," said the thief. "I have no interest in winning what I already aquired," came the reply.

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