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PH Related Artwork

I should have gotten more art scanned and set this up long ago. I didn't. This is where some artwork related to PH will go. Most of it is what-if things or character studies. But most of it is based on things that, judging from the characters personalities, could happen.


Shadowrose helps Zavayi in the kitchen. Shadowrose helps Zavayi making potato salad. French potato salad, that lovely variety with sliced potatoes, oil, water, herbs, perhaps radishes and, if Shadow can decide, a lot of vinegar. Everyone holds respect for the Chosen's wife...
A hint of language in this piece.



Fenni and Shadowrose are good friends. Fenni and Shadowrose found the best masquerade costumes ever: The other's clothing and Shadowrose's stock of bleach and hairdye. And some paint on an old suit of armour. ^_^



An image I drew for 2001: A Lace Oddysey. Never trust assassins. Not even ones with the mentality of a five-year-old dressed in only their pyjamas. Life is rosettes and stuffed animals... ^_^



Tattoo design. Alex likes.