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I do read quite a lot of webcomics, some I read daily (weekly, monthly, whatever. When they are updated), some I read whenever I stumble upon them. To save loading time, no comics are any longer linked with banners. Some of these comics have inspired PH, some are like it, and some are as far from my crappy midnight humor as one can get, but I like them anyway. Thank you.

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The Changing Workplace
As if you couldn't figure I liked that one... Long live Oren!!! Long live TSA!!!
Lean On Me
A very sweet comic about a homely girl with a heart of gold, a boy who wants to be pretty, and their lives. It's so very utterly cute!

A Doemain Of Our Own
Well, I haven't yet figured out this one's update schedule... I think it's weekly. Sue's cool...
Videogames rock!!! Hehe... Especially when there are boggle-playing villains in it. And stereotypical wizards with no hit points, and big, dumb brutes. And what a hairdo!!!
Knight Shift
Quite funny comic about a nurse whose stories come to life. I love her kyooooot dwaggie.
Sabrina Online
Sadly, Sabrina updates only monthly. Tamara is just the keeeewliest widdle... Ah, well... This one got me wanting an Amiga...

Sluggy Freelance
Don't we all love this one? Kiki and Bun-Bun are just like my pets... 'Cept for that my bunny doesn't have any ka-klink-ing knife and my chinchilla isn't a ferret. But she's hyper.
The Chintoon
I first found this comic through a few fan-translated strips in a chincher magazine. I think it's just too kyoooot. And even if my experiences sometimes clash with what's shown in these, most of it's so true, it isn't funny.
The Cyantia Chronicles
Might be a bit hard to get into, but the art's awesome, and the characters are lovely. 'Specially Twinky... What I really wonder is... Does tomato juice REALLY take the skunk smell away?
The Class Menagerie
Kaners and Lisa should meet and talk... They just might have something to learn the other... Otherwise, Brad's the cooliest,
Tony's the Kyooootest, Kevin's like my little brother's friend, and Biff is just a big dumb brute. Eau No!
Untitled Again
Just went on hiatus. I think it's a cute idea, though it's been done before. Who cares when it's this great!?
Boy Meets Boy
It's great. It's pretty. And it has loveable characters. Go read it! Read it, I say! And then, tell Sandra you liked the comic.
The Suburban Jungle
This one's such a lovely blend of the Suburban and the Jungle. Not that I'm a real jungloid, but close 'nuff. The Gneech's art is simply stunning!
Element's Song
A bunch of unlikely heroes with powers granted to them by the elements, this comic might have paralells with PH, but is in and of itself a wonderful thing. The site has been experiencing troubles recently, though.

The Wandering Ones
How did all these 'Spot comix get into my Bookmarks? I read this one periodically, once every month or so. 'Cause I like to read it with the weeks stuffed together in one page.
Unnatural, but TRUE!
May contain a little nasty words and scenes, but I like this one. Miktar (at least the earlier version) looks the way I draw Iranas. And as if it wasn't enough that the art is better than mine, this guy can be so damn poetic, too!!!
Can a little girl go feral? I didn't believe so, but after reading Xenith, I think I'll have to change my mind. The art is very pretty, and Aeire is such a sweet cartoonist... Read Xenith and love it!
Dakota's Ridge
Fun and pretty. What more can one ask for? A little catnip, that's all...

Exploitation Now
Oh, naughty, naughty Alex! Definitely not family rated, this comic, it's dirty... Teehee... EN was Spotted after I bookmarked it, and was so glad I'd finally found a super, really great comic in 'Space...
College Roomies From Hell
You want to read this. I didn't think I did, before, but then I sat down and read through the archieves in one day, and I saw where it all was coming from and... You gotta read it for yourself.
Don't ask me what it's about, really, don't. I like it, 'cause, well, the artwork's colorful, the dialogues sensible, and, well.. Savrin is quite cool...
Lang Lang
Everyone's favourite comic strip! It's great! It's strips like this one that makes 'Space a great idea after all... It's got the artwork, the story, and, well... I assume it's somehow like reality, but I'm not American, so I can't judge...
One second, she's shy and laid-back. The next, she's a knife-flinging maniac jester with more druid jokes than us Swedes have Norway jokes. The only common sense she has is that of her best friend, the weapons instructior Bernadette. Read about Maytag and Bern's adventures!
RPG World
Another 'puter game gone comic strip! No, it's not FF, it's just similar in the artwork... A naive Hero, a thief that hates being in a game and a ho. And let's not forget the cute fuzzy thing.
Stereotype Devil and Angel
Things you find thru Elfwood by a coincidence can, too, be great. SD&A is an excellent example...
I especially love the little comments under some of the panels...
Furry kitty adventure! Pretty art! Fun. Yes. Very fun. I like. That Truth-or-Dare piece was just hysterical...
NotWild, Just Crazy
Yaaay!!! I found it!!! The bestest and cooliest comic ever! The ferret-comic!!!!!!! *poing*
Though it's inactive. *pout*
Wing It!
Ehm... Great art, gal haltes High School... Geez, lemme be, I got a bloody headache!!!! Seems it's ended now, though...
Kevin & Kell
A very pretty, humorous strip about the marriage between a wolf and a bunny, their families, and a bit of web jokes. I know I find it appealing.
Psychic Dyslexia Institute

Good comic, I like the idea. A lot of would-be superheroes with powers gone awkward... I like Tracker and Reverso the best, myself... Cheers for Tony for having improved so much in so short time, too!
Faux Pas
Umm... I think that it's about a lot of animal actors that have been bought by people who do not realize that they are just that... Or something to that effect...
Space adventure! An anthro woofie with ethics, a kyooot and easily imressed robot, a naive and dishonest but very funny owner of a starship. This just makes for fun situations...
Guardian Angel
Ah, well... A guardian angel who screws up a fair bit... Fun!

I don't know why I like it. It's not the kind of comic I usually read. But I do like it lots. Go read it and see if you like it, too... ^_^
Misty the Mouse
The adventures of a busty mouse and her friend. Do at least give it a look.
A very sweet comic, with very pretty art. I like it. Go see if you like it, too. Boy. Lonely. Kinda reminds me of me.
Yin and Yang
Umm... Yet another college strip. I don't know how come I suddenly like these... Must be the wonderful art. Why can't I draw like those other artists!?

A were-kitten of sorts and a winged kitten and werewolves and vampires and... Niftiness!!! Alix likes, yes she does.
Don't ask me what it is, but I sense potential in this one. Pretty art! Sadly, it seems to have ended... Mrrr...
Minor Reality
Martin's comic strip. Got lovely art, even if he doesn't believe me when I say so. I like it. Right now, it's on hiatus. Read the archieves, though.
The Demon Pooka
Demon Pooka, the Evil Underfiend, and Azrael. Evil enough to let Christmas carol-singing kids pet the three-headed child-loving dog. Geez, wonder if their moms got worried...
A gryphon lost in the modern world. A gryphon with a thing for jelly beans. Would Kyle griffin please report to The Gryphon's Guild?
Under the Lemon Tree
Ben finds his subconcious has suddenly gone alive. One reason I like this strip is because of his inner child. Kyoooot!!!
A happy comic about a bunch of space pirates. Kyoooot... I like the green alien, she's coolies!
Real Life
Computer geeks caught in a comic strip. Still reading the archieves, so bear with me.
Life in an Eggshell
Shows much promise, but I can't say much about it, there aren't many strips up. The art is clean and very appealing. IMO.
T. A. Vision
No, you didn't see nice little underage me link to this. Nope. Not me.
(In other words, it's naughty. Don't go there if you're under 18, and don't tell my mum I linked it ^_~)
Umlaut House
Embrace the insanity! Cherish the insanity! The insanity is mother, is father, is everything! *giggle* That, or Volair got into my files...
Heh... A quarter-draggie and a fox that seems to have a problem... somewhere... It's fun, and the art's gorgeous. I encourage you to become a regular reader of this strip! Updates the 1st and 15th of every month, btw.
*giggle* Mint-obsessed pooony, green-and-yellow tiggerrr, and... General fun. Nice strip. No, I don't make sense, howso?
Magical Mage Pretty Magic
Makes fun of superhero anime. I like that. Superhero anime is amusing, but I mean, really, it gets quite annoying after a while when the monsters could easily have turned Sailor Moon into ash before she was halfway through transforming.
The Makeshift Miracle
Strange things happen when your life isn't what it perhaps should be. Strange... And potentially dangerous...?
The Sinner Dragon
Another comic I shouldn't read, but, hey, 'tis PRETTY, so I don't care I'm not 18. Nyah! Just don't tell my parental units (also known as the Hens) and all should be well.
The Pantheon
It's... Different. Entertaining story, behind-the-scenes of sorts. Behind what scenes? The scenes of the world!
Another religion-inspired comic. Jack, the Sin Wrath, is destinied to both be in charge of Hell and take new souls to judgement. Deep down, he's a kind soul, and, well, makes a very interesting character. There's likely a LaL piece upcoming, that's a tribute to it. Sore wa himitsu desu!
Blotto Street
The life in Blotto Hall, and whee, what a life that is. Always something happening, if they're not being chased by the Lustess then they're trying to reclaim their souls from some evil hellspawn. Fun!


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  • Cheeyaz!
    The adventures of two arch-enemies. And the story about the chinchillas at Fuzzball Farm Cheeyaz. A bunch of fuzzballs suffering from the Kenny syndrome... ^_^. Oh, yeah, in case you didn't notice, it's my other strip.
  • Lives and Loves in Haven
    Moving to KeenSpace
    You ever wondered if none of the people in Haven ever do anything more intimate than kiss, and even that only occasionally? Why there is more blood in a cute strip like Cheeyaz! than in Paladins' Haven? Do these furries never bleed? And do they never lose their temper? If you didn't wonder, prepare for a shock. For even if the fur's still there, Lives and Loves is where the inhabitants of Haven go human. Especially the "humans fail" part. A comic/story site I started on request...


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